The standard-winged nightjar (Caprimulgus longipennis) is a nocturnal bird in the nightjar family.

Male Standard-winged Nightjar (Macrodipteryx longipennis). Recorded in Comoé National Park, Ivory Coast. Photographed by Jan Steffen.

It is a resident breeder in Africa found in dry savannah habitats.

The adult male has a bizarre and unusual wing ornament during the breeding season which consists of a broad central flight feather on each wing elongated to 15 in, much longer than the bird’s body. In normal flight, these feathers trail behind, but in display flight they are raised vertically like standards.

Like other nightjars, the standard-winged nightjar feeds on insects in flight, the huge gape opening wide for moths and beetles. It flies at dusk, most often at sundown, and can sometimes be seen with flying foxes.

Check out this video from KJWVideo from 2009:

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